Ingredients (2-3 servings):
80 g wholemeal oat flakes (tender)
400 ml water 
20 g honey (or other sweetener)
400 ml soy milk (unsweetened)
berries as desired

Pudding powder substitute (or a sugar-free pudding powder):
40 g cornstarch
1 1/2 tsp vanilla powder
A pinch of salt

1. Boil the water and oatmeal in a saucepan until soft porridge. Approx. 10-15 min depending on the type of oatmeal. 

2. add the milk and heat again until it boils.

3. Now add the pudding powder substitute (or a bag of sugar-free pudding powder) and mix everything well until it is creamy. Now add the honey or sweetener of choice and mix everything well.

4. you can use the berries for garnish, or add them to the still warm Pudding Oat.

Have a good appetite. 🙂