A  I M P O R T A N T  N O T E 


In order to prevent possible misunderstandings, we would like to add a note to our brochure: 


  • The treatment and therapy suggestions mentioned are from our personal experience.
  • If applied correctly, they can lead to health improvement or complete regeneration. 
  • Nevertheless, we would like to point out that we cannot guarantee that healing/improvement will occur in every case of illness. This brochure does not replace a visit to the doctor, but serves as general orientation and self-help.


The corona pandemic is leaving deep scars in our society. We are confronted with a new, sometimes serious and contagious disease that has shaken our sense of “we can do it”. Since we still know relatively little about the disease and at the same time there is propaganda from too many sides with half-truths, the question that is often asked is not so easy to answer: Can I do something so that I don’t get sick? And what will help me to improve the chances of a milder course of COVID-19 disease?
This little booklet with 22 tips in Corona would like to show our personal suggestions for a self-responsible and hopeful handling of this topic. It is not intended as a scientific treatise, but rather as a pragmatic and practical approach to dealing with the coronavirus and its consequences.

We deliberately focused on lifestyle elements and natural remedies. This is by no means intended to replace medical treatment, but rather to complement it. Discuss our suggestions with your family doctor, there are more and more doctors who really appreciate naturopathy. What can each of us do to protect ourselves? A whole lot! We are not helpless at these infections (and others) until the pharmaceutical industry invents a solution. We can only pass on a summary of the possibilities and would like to show you what we have recognized as valuable and what we use ourselves.
We have not included the well-known hygiene rules here; we assume that they are known and accepted. We therefore focus on the following elements:

Understand our immune system and the coronavirus.

Measures to strengthen the immune system in prevention:
Lifestyle Factors – Specific Nutrients – Detoxification – Toughening.

Measures to strengthen the immune system in the event of illness:
The holistic view – remedies and applications – fluids and nutrition.

This extensive program may be a challenge for some. The good news is that a lot of it not only protects against COVID-19, but also protects against heart attacks, depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and much more. We are convinced: It is worth investing the necessary energy in our health and our lives!