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JONTE, that is the name of our group. Consisting of different men and women with different backgrounds and professions – but with one goal. We want to bring people closer to health, from a point of view that concerns not only the body but different areas of life, that, when put together, make up the whole lifestyle and thus bring a complete health aspect. It is not enough for us personally that you are only physically healthy, because health includes not only the body but also the psyche. Many people of today suffer from mental illnesses. Anxiety, stress and worry often dominate our thinking, influence our actions and determine our health.

In cases of illness, it would therefore be negligent to merely alleviate the symptoms. Only through physical and mental recovery can the body heal. This includes the whole person thus a holistic view of the human being in and of itself. This is exactly what we would like to offer you here. With various topics that will gradually appear on our blog or social media, we will give you tips and application examples of how you can recover not only physically but also spiritually. Would you like to try it? One step at a time? These don’t have to be big steps to get started. Taking the first step is a start.

Kind regards from the JONTE-Team

We live in times where our health is under serious attack. We are exposed to toxins from what we eat, drink, breathe and absorb through our skin. Our soils are now so depleted that it is almost impossible for us to provide our bodies with the nutrients they need, thereby creating an internal imbalance.We therefore need to find ways to cope with all this. Never before has it been so important to know how to strengthen our immune system and find the inner peace that allows us to live a healthy, peaceful yet active and joyful life, against all odds. This is the kind of knowledge we at JONTE wish to share with you. On the web portal jonte.org you will find advice on both physical and mental health as well as advice on how to grow your own food. The first page gives you an overview of what we provide. Here you will find the latest articles from our blog, along with offers of courses, meetings, recipes and other goodies. For deeper insights into the areas of health and growing, use the respective menu items, described below. 

Our advice on physical and mental health are based on what we call ‘The Eight Laws of Health’. These laws, or principles, are based on simple and natural advice on things you can do yourself. The advice comes from the one who knows us best, our Creator. So we find them originally in the Bible. Ellen G. White, an author and health prophet who lived at the turn of the last century, has this to say about the eight laws of health – as she summarized them in her book “Health for the Whole Man”: ” Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power—these are the true remedies. Every person should have a knowledge of nature’s remedial agencies and how to apply them”. If you want to know more about the eight laws of health, go to the “Jonte Health” page or click on the link to the right. . If you then want to go even deeper, look up our Blog – a page that allows you to use keywords and filters (categories) to find just the areas and specific articles that might interest you.

To include the area of “grow your own” on this website was a natural choice. There is a clear link between small-scale farming and the eight health laws. When growing your own food, makes it possible to ensure that you are getting the right nutrition. You’ll find healing power in everything that grows naturally in our soils. What’s more, by using healthy practices that are in harmony with our soil’s conditions, you can ensure that everything is non-toxic and full of all the essential nutrients that come from crops that are healthy. Plus, you’ll have access to fresh air, sunlight and your own water. A life in the countryside gives you a natural rhythm between working (exercise), eating and resting. It’s also a life that gives you a sense of well-being, both physical and mental, that you may never have experienced before. As with the area of health, the recommendations we make about farming are based on knowledge that comes originally from the Creator. It is God’s knowledge of what He Himself has created that we wish to reproduce here. An overview of the area can be found via the menu item . For deeper insights please also turn here to our Blog. 

F R E E   B R O C H U R E

Fresh air, sunlight, abstaining from drugs and excesses in lifestyle, rest, exercise, proper diet, water and reliance on divine power – these are the natural remedies that can bring about lasting change and bring health and happiness.

The book “Health for the Whole Person” shows in an insightful and balanced way the close connection between physical, mental and spiritual health, and how love, hope and faith have a health-giving effect on the whole person.

It clearly and convincingly describes the simple remedies that are so important in preventing and curing disease.


F I N D  I N T E R E S T I N G  A R T I C L E

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The well proven marigold

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The booklet in your hand explains the eight principles of health that we need to follow for the body to function optimally. They come from the one who knows best – they come from God’s word, the Bible. Author Ellen G. White (1827-1915) was inspired by God’s Word to write down, and clearly explain to us, these eight healing factors. These are, according to her, the foundations of healing and health. They aim to create the necessary conditions for the body to prevent illness and restore balance when we are already ill. Disease thus arises because we do not follow these laws of health. The good news is that these eight principles are perfectly natural and simple. They are available virtually free of charge. The principles we are talking about are: clean air, sunshine, self-control, physical activity, rest, proper diet, water and a belief in the Divine Power. Welcome to tadel of an overview introduction to these eight doctors. If you wish to go further there is much, much more information available.

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