Addictive substances both damage and depress the immune system.

This applies not only to illicit drugs, but also to socially recognised so-called everyday drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. In addition to other harmful effects on health, they are therefore also harmful to the immune system. In this context, we should be made aware of an incorrect claim. It is claimed that wine promotes the immune system. This statement is partly correct. However, it is not the alcohol that gives the effect, but the substance that promotes the immune system is resveratrol. This substance is a phytochemical found in blue grapes. The bluer, i.e. the darker they are, the higher the resveratrol content. This pigment, as already mentioned, protects the immune system, not alcohol. It is therefore much healthier to drink fresh grape juice than fermented grape juice. Alcohol cancels out the positive effect of resveratrol and even increases the damage to the immune system. Another common everyday drug is caffeine. We advise against this drink as well, as it has a negative effect on lymphocytes. Avoid drinking coffee, black tea and Coca-Cola. The beneficial resveratrol is found in plant foods, for example in large quantities in blue and red grapes. We should say no to the caffeinated, everyday drug coffee.

Gabriele Pietruska

Gabriele Pietruska



Gabriele Pietruska is a trained physician and experienced translator of medical lectures and literature. She is editor of the Basista-Media publishing house and the well-known INFO VERO magazine, which regularly makes important health topics, among other things, accessible to a broad public.


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