Faith in God provides optimal conditions for inner balance, which is a crucial factor for a healthy immune system.

Our state of mind has a very big impact on our health. Depression, sadness and stress are factors that clearly weaken the immune system. On the other hand, it is strengthened by joy and happiness. But how can you influence your inner balance? The most important factor is to be at peace with God and your fellow human beings. People of faith who let their lives be shaped by the Bible and who can clarify all their problems with God in prayer have a huge advantage here. It is scientifically proven that people of faith are healthier than other people because of this spiritual aspect alone. Positive hope and feelings of joy and gratitude promote health. And it is precisely these positive emotions that people who believe the Bible have in abundance, because their sins are forgiven, because God is at their side in life, and because they look forward to the imminent return of Jesus. A return that, according to the promise, leads to eternal life. The Bible’s promises give hope here too: “Casting all your care upon Him (that is, God); for He careth for you” 1 Peter 5:7.

The American Academy of Family Physicians also affirms the link between good health and faith:

“In recent years, it has become increasingly recognized that spirituality is an important, often neglected factor in patients health”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also points out the importance of mental state for health. According to their definition, health is not only something related to the body, but also to a person’s emotional state, i.e. his/her inner balance. And the Bible clearly expresses the desire for health: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” 3 John 2.

In the same way, I wish for your life to be dominated by positive emotions, by optimism, smiles, well-being and efficiency – because negative emotions like sadness and worry can make you sick and weaken your immune system. As we have already mentioned, endorphins, or happy hormones, have a positive effect on the immune system.

Gabriele Pietruska

Gabriele Pietruska


Gabriele Pietruska ist ausgebildete Ärztin und erfahrene Übersetzerin medizinischer Vorträge und Literatur. Sie ist Redakteurin des Basista-Media-Verlages und des bekannten Magazins INFO VERO, das regelmäßig u. a. wichtige Gesundheitsthemen einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich macht.


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